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CN Rail said on Friday that it’s optimistic it can reach an agreement with 4,800 workers after negotiations wit

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PeterTirschwell said: WSJ calls ILWU “the union that stole Christmas” but @Szakonyi_JOC says reality is more nuanced
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Szakonyi_JOC said: Why Obama hasn't rushed to West Coast shippers' rescue. My take:

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The Port of Tacoma said container volume in November plunged 14.1 percent year-over-year because of International Longshore and Warehouse Union slowdowns.
Carriers announced general rate increases that span into February this week, as spot rates around the globe respond to mid-December rate hikes. Drewry Maritime Research’s World Container Index...
Provisions to boost U.S.-flag ships’ required share of government-purchased food aid were deleted from the final version of a Coast Guard authorization bill that President Obama signed into law this...
The Japanese government has recently expressed concern to the U.S. government regarding the delays of U.S. forage exports because of U.S. West Coast port congestion, according to an agriculture...
APM Terminals will start construction of a new container terminal in Costa Rica next eyar after scaling the final hurdle facing the long-delayed $1 billion project.
Indonesia’s largest port operator Pelabuhan Indonesia II (IPC) will partner with PSA International, Japanese investment company Mitsui & Co. and NYK Line to construct and operate a container...
A look back at the year’s host of general rate increases levied by shipping lines on their customers reveals the ineffectiveness of the practice, with no GRI sticking for longer than two weeks or...
Strong air cargo volume on Asia-U.S. routes in the last quarter has seen airlines raising rates faster than forwarders can pass them on to customers, placing margins under pressure.
The International Longshore and Warehouse Union and the Pacific Maritime Association returned today to direct contract negotiations but didn’t release any report from the meeting.
The International Longshore and Warehouse Union is engaged in a high-stakes game of work stoppages and slowdowns at the Port of Portland that is moving slowly but steadily toward a conclusion.