When the new, expanded Panama Canal finally opens sometime in early 2016, an armada of ships twice the size of those capa

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Fifteen years after China initiated its “Going Global” strategy, its trade with the major nations of South America has increased rapidly, and China has become an increasingly large purchaser of South...
Environmentally sustainable business practices in the sourcing and delivery of products and services.
Companies are increasingly looking for ways to employ environmentally sustainable business practices in their sourcing and delivery of products and services.
Supply chain sustainability
The definition of “supply chain sustainability” has morphed significantly since it came into use 10 or 15 years ago.
Why isn’t U.S. trade with India growing more rapidly? One key factor has been the inability of Indian national and local governments to modernize the country’s backward transportation and trade...
India trade, economy, currency
India has adopted policies favoring its own companies in industries such as clean energy, technology and medical devices. It has also imposed tariffs and local content requirements, and denied and...