Alan M. Field
“Studies estimate that the TFA will cut the average cost of exporting by some 14 percent."

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Major revisions in the North American Free Trade Agreement or other trade agreements could create a bigger market for electronic audit and payment services.
Growing volatility in freight rates and future changes in supply chains that result from major revisions in trade agreements create a bigger market for electronic audit and payment services.
3PLs are confident that demand for their expertise and services will be strong, regardless of the policy directions the new US administration pursues.
The advent of the new US administration brings uncertainty and potential disruption to US-Mexico trade.
Donald Trump’s presidential election victory makes forecasting the future for third-party logistics providers more difficult than usual, given Trump’s unorthodox and unpredictable views on...
Is Trump truly anti-free trade, and if so, will he also train his eye on the Central America Free Trade Agreement, the decade-old trade pact that was modeled after NAFTA?
Wearable devices are emerging in warehousing and distribution to provide video, scanning, and other capabilities to increase productivity, reduce mistakes, and lower costs across the supply chain.
Today’s automated freight payment and audit systems offer businesses flexible tracking and financing programs that accelerate cash flow without impacting balance sheets.
Rich Higgins, director of global logistics at Rockport Group, recently told the New England Cargo Symposium in Foxboro, Massachusetts what should be asked and considered whenever a shipper evaluates...
The contract negotiation process between the International Longshoremen’s Association on the East and Gulf coasts and management is on firm footing and in need of no change, according to Tom Simmers...