Trucking Logistics

Some truckers working at the Port of New York and New Jersey are turning away from the leasing system that dominates the industry.

An increase in Asian freight shipped straight to Mexico means fewer trucks heading south from the U.S., tighter capacity for northbound shipments.

Chassis at Port of Los Angeles
With an average of 15 percent of chassis invoice charges inaccurate or subject to dispute, motor carriers that automate the reconciliation of invoices save thousands of dollars annually, according to a chassis billing specialist.

By many accounts, the U.S. is in a freight recession. So why are regional less-than-truckload carriers building terminals, expanding into new territories and adding customers?

Higher U.S. diesel prices and fuel surcharges may threaten transportation savings.

Freight costing "is a huge challenge," Estes Express Lines' chief operating officer told a technology conference.

The government of India is looking to automate gate transactions at the country's major ports.

A rule change that enters force September 1 in Russia threatens shippers and foreign over-the-road transportation companies with increased costs.

Estes Express will roll out Estes Final Mile by the end of 2016, as e-commerce grows and traditional freight markets stagnate.

Trucking, shipping interests attack use of data they call flawed in proposed motor carrier ratings.