Walking Floor and Dump Trailers Needed for Hurricane Sandy Clean-Up

Nov 23, 2012

NIXA, Mo. — In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy more shippers are online searching for available Walking Floor and Dump Trailers to help with the clean up efforts. BulkLoadsNow.com, a leading online freight matching service, has seen a spike in related loads posted and is directly communicating with shippers to help find necessary carriers.

“We are proud to help in anyway we can,” said Matt Fredin, operating partner of BulkLoadsNow.com. “If we can assist in getting the trucks connected to the people who need them, it’s our tiny way of helping get these communities thriving again.”

Carriers are needed primarily in New York and New Jersey to help move debris, trash and sand. Shippers are estimating the need lasting four to five months and are offering hourly rates as opposed to mileage.

“We have shipping companies contacting us requesting 60-100 walking floor trucks,” said Jared Flinn, Operating Partner at BulkLoadsNow.com. “Most have posted the loads on our load board and utilized our forum and Company Finder to contact trucking companies directly.”

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