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Trucking Freight Brokers

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Apparently, the U.S. Congress is of the view that $75,000 is a more appropriate bond requirement for the brokerage industry in terms of offering protection to those who might be injured if a broker went out of business. Will it really have that effect?

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30 Jul 2014
XPO Logistics will add more than half a billion dollars in revenue to its top line by acquiring New Breed Logistics for approximately $615 million.
12 Jun 2014
The U.S. freight economy is humming in June. Rising industrial demand is colliding with tight truckload capacity, sending spot market truck rates rising.
21 May 2014
Echo Global Logistics’ $37.3 million acquisition of the Watsonville, California-based transportation brokerage firm One Stop Logistics this week is expected to help the third-party logistics provider increase its domestic less-than-truckload brokerage business.
16 Apr 2014
TUCSON, Ariz. — Technology similar to Uber and other apps that allow big-city users to call a taxi or black sedan with their smartphones could soon hit the U.S. trucking industry, potentially displacing freight brokers that fail to adapt, a senior equity research analyst warned on April 12.
Top 50 trucking companies infographic thumb
14 Apr 2014
The 50 largest U.S. trucking companies raised their combined revenue 5.5 percent last year to $106.6 billion, but expanded at a slower pace than in 2012.
11 Apr 2014
A national standard of care is needed to give freight brokers guidelines on how to use federal CSA safety data when contracting carriers, the Transportation Intermediaries Association says.
31 Mar 2014
With truckload capacity tight across the U.S., carriers are rethinking their rate expectations for 2014, preparing for higher price hikes, a first quarter Transport Capital Partners survey shows.
28 Feb 2014
The second lowest reading yet for JOC Truckload Capacity Index reflects lower truck counts at some of the largest U.S. carriers in the fourth quarter. The actual drop in capacity is likely deeper, as carrier bankruptcies hit a three-year high in the quarter.
26 Feb 2014
Encouraged by signs of a stronger U.S. economy and recent acquisitions, XPO Logistics is raising its revenue run rate target for 2014 to $2.75 billion, almost triple the $1 billion run rate the company achieved in 2013.
18 Feb 2014
Shippers aren't convinced 2014 will bring a truckload “capacity crunch" and don't expect rates to rise that much. Carriers have a different view, based on increasing freight demand and rising costs.