Wynright Begins Production on Robotic Truck Unloader

Wynright Begins Production on Robotic Truck Unloader

Aug 2, 2013

ELK GROVE VILLAGE, Ill.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Wynright Corporation, the nation’s leading independent, U.S.-based provider ofintelligent material handling systems, today announced the general availability of its innovative, patent pending Robotic Truck Unloader(RTU). The RTU, first unveiled in prototype form by Wynright in January, 2013 (and currently being tested in a pilot program with a major general merchandise retailer), is the first self-guided, autonomous robot that can fully automate the process of unloading unpalletized cartons of different sizes, shapes and weights from semi-truck trailers and ocean freight containers.

Among the unique features of the RTU is an advanced visual perception system similar to those used in popular video games such as the Xbox Kinect. This technology allows the RTU to scan the overall configuration of the trailer or container, then navigate inside and sense its surroundings as well as the size and shape of cases or even irregular products. It uses that information to determine the best way to remove a carton from the stack, then unloads it onto a telescoping 24V motor driven roller conveyor to transfer product back into the warehouse or DC. If a carton falls from the stack during this process, the RTU will “see” that it is missing, back itself out, and look for it on the floor.

As it finishes each row, the RTU moves forward on its own, completely automating the entire unloading process. As a result, a single operator can manage up to three RTUs simultaneously, gaining higher-value skills while freeing other warehouse personnel for more challenging, less physically demanding work. Should the RTU run into a problem it cannot solve on its own, it can quickly request help from the operator, who will resolve it and, if needed, even reprogram the unit to solve the problem itself.

“The loading dock is the one area of the warehouse or distribution center that has never been successfully automated until now,” said Kevin Ambrose, CEO of Wynright Corporation. “The reception our Robotic Truck Unloader prototype has received from major retailers and shippers when it was first unveiled at the Wynright Tech Center made it obvious that there is high demand for this type of equipment. We are excited to be the first to market with this unique technological achievement, and plan to continue our focus on robotics to help organizations of all sizes move product in, out and through the warehouse or distribution center more efficiently and at a lower total cost.”

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