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06 Oct 2015
The shortage of truck drivers has expanded by 10,000 since last year, and is on track to quadruple to 175,000 by 2024, according to a report released Tuesday.
30 Sep 2015
The great swell in U.S. transportation, warehousing and utility jobs receded in July after hitting historic heights in April and May, but demand for workers remains strong in a complex employment market. Hiring numbers, and separations, continue to rise.
29 Sep 2015
The much-publicized driver shortage in trucking is part of a larger employee shortage problem facing the entire transportation industry, including the warehouse and logistics sectors, according a new study.
24 Sep 2015
A new rule protecting U.S. truck drivers from dispatchers and others who encourage them to violate federal regulations to meet unrealistic delivery deadlines may be on the books as soon as next month, according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. But an FMCSA official and at least two shipping executives say it’s a resolution to what may never have been a significant problem in the industry to begin with.
23 Sep 2015
Truck driver pay is rising higher, shippers are becoming more "driver friendly," but demographics make finding solutions to the shortage of qualified drivers difficult.
22 Sep 2015
In what could be the beginning of a larger effort to focus on working conditions and eventually organize the warehouse sector of the transportation industry, workers at a warehouse near the Port of Los Angeles walked off their jobs Tuesday, attracting the support of the Teamsters union.
22 Sep 2015
Controversial provisions of truck driver hours-of-service rules suspended by Congress last year are likely to stay suspended until Congress acts, a representative from the U.S. Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration says.
21 Sep 2015
A shortage of qualified technicians and mechanics means more trucks could be sidelined in maintenance shops rather than hauling freight, the American Trucking Associations warns.
17 Sep 2015
The deadlines for federal rules requiring U.S. truck drivers to use electronic logging devices and prohibiting shippers, brokers and motor carriers to break safety rules have been pushed back a month until Oct. 30.
16 Sep 2015
Independent truckers ended a more than week-long protest that ground Toronto area cargo deliveries to a near-halt after they said transport companies agreed to raise their wages.