Thinking About a New Career?

U.S. Xpress wants to hire me as a truck driver.

This may come as a surprise to Max Fuller, John White and the rest of the management team at U.S. Xpress Enterprises, not to mention my editors.

It’s true, however. I hear from them almost every day on Facebook.

In the upper right-hand corner of my main Facebook page, under the “Sponsored” banner for advertisements, is a headline that asks, “Feeling disrespected?”

“Drivers are the backbone of our industry. And if your company isn’t treating you like it, we will,” says the ad, alongside a picture of some bright red trucks.

The ad takes me straight to, the driver recruitment Web site of Chattanooga, Tenn.-based U.S. Xpress, the fourth-largest U.S. truckload carrier.

I’m getting other offers, too. I also see Facebook ads for J.B. Hunt Transport Services, along with a company that claims it will make me a Scottish laird for just $49.99.

(This last is, in fact, a scam of sorts.)

How do these companies find me? They’re probably directed to my news feed by the data in my profile, which identifies my employer and lists trucking as an interest. Facebook also knows that I “like” The Lockridge Report, a trucking radio show, and other trucking related sites, and have truckers among my FB friends.

This just shows how deeply trucking companies are reaching into social media and sifting data as they search for increasingly hard-to-find-and-hire truck drivers.

I thank U.S. Xpress for contacting me. I’ve always admired the company.

But I think they’ll be happier if I stick with my day job.

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