FW Trucking Adds Hazardous Material Transportation Services to Its Web Site

FW Trucking Adds Hazardous Material Transportation Services to Its Web Site

Jul 15, 2013

Sauget, Illinois (St. Louis metro area) (PRWEB) July 15, 2013

To more fully explain the full range of services it can provide for its customers, FW Trucking recently updated the Services section of its web site by adding a new Hazardous Material Transportation page, according to Mark Cusumano, President and CEO of FW Trucking.

"We decided to add HAZ-MAT transport to our web site’s list of services because we wanted to more clearly define the full range of services we provide," Cusumano said. "Our drivers are certified to haul all levels of HAZ-MAT. It’s a service we’ve provided for quite some time. It’s about time we did more to make potential customers more aware of this capability."

"We make sure hazardous goods shipped with us are transported safely and securely in compliance with all U.S. Department of Transportation regulations, including hazardous material regulations," Cusumano continued. “ The security of your shipments and the health and safety of our customers, the public at large and our team members are of the highest importance. Our drivers and staff go through an extensive on-going training program. Our associates also go through a comprehensive background check and our equipment is monitored through our GPS fleet tracking and in-cab communications systems. Here at FW we have the experience and knowledge to understand the safe and proper storage and handling requirements for HAZ-MAT. It’s all about providing exceptional service."

FW Trucking is a professionally managed, privately held trucking company based in the St. Louis metropolitan area in Sauget, Illinois. FW Trucking offers hazardous material transportation, container transportation, regional over-the-road trucking throughout the Midwest, and freight shuttle service. The firm’s primary service areas include: St. Louis, Indianapolis and the following seven states: Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Tennessee and Arkansas.

For more information about this well-known and respected trucking firm and its full capabilities, including hazardous material transportation, visit FW Trucking’s About Us and Services web pages.