Diamond Transportation Celebrates 9th Year of National Refrigerated Trucking

Diamond Transportation Celebrates 9th Year of National Refrigerated Trucking

Jul 22, 2013

Diamond Transportation is a full-service shipping company capable of assisting with most needs, and it recently celebrated nine years as a reputable national refrigerated trucking company.

Timely Delivery

Diamond Transportation has enjoyed many years of success in the trucking and shipping industry in part due to its ability to consistently deliver goods in a timely manner. Working with a company that has a solid, proven track record for excellence and timely delivery is imperative, and this is one of the reasons why Diamond Transportation has consistently been selected by its valued customers over the years.

Customized Refrigeration Solutions

When timely delivery of goods is required for refrigerated shipping solutions, Diamond Transportation is the company to rely on. It now offers services that can be customized based on the need for fresh or frozen services. Whether a company needs to ship ice cream, fresh meat, or other foods that require refrigeration or freezing or it needs to ship electronics or other items that cannot be exposed to heat, Diamond Transportation offers thenational refrigerated trucking services that are required.

Protecting Assets

The fact is that a company’s inventory is an asset. Until these goods are safely delivered to a client and funds are exchanged, the inventory must be well cared for. In addition, a company’s valued client list can also be considered an asset. It is necessary for companies to find a way to satisfy the needs of clients by ensuring prompt delivery of quality products. When goods arrive late or are in poor condition, this reflects negatively on the company. In addition, there is a risk that the company may lose the client if negative events such as these occur. Diamond Transportation can be entrusted to protect a company’s valued assets.

When it comes to shipping goods from one location to another, businesses today must consider multiple factors. Of course, the safe and timely delivery of those goods is imperative. When these factors are not met, the business’ customers may be unhappy, and the business may lose a considerable amount of money. In addition, some goods require specialized services, such as refrigerated shipping solutions.

Diamond Transportation has been providing timely delivery of goods with refrigerated trucking solutions for almost a decade, and it continues to be the company that businesses rely on for all of their shipping needs. The company is dedicated to helping businesses get their goods to the intended destination on time and in quality condition, and it has a proven track record for producing results. Those who have been looking for a better transportation company to work with can learn more about the services available from Diamond Transportation.


Diamond Transportation is a leader in the national refrigerated trucking industry, and it has been offering specialized refrigerated shipping solutions for over nine years. This is a company that is known for producing quality results for its customers on a consistent basis, and this is accomplished through highly specialized services and the dedication of the team to exceed expectations. Those who are interested in learning more about the refrigerated shipping solutions offered by Diamond Transportation can contact the company by phone at 877-229-7809.