"In 100 Yards, Hit the Bridge"

Trucks have rammed into low bridges 46 times this year in Westchester County, New York, doing enough damage that New York state is considering severe penalties against truckers.

In particular, New York Gov. David Paterson wants to crack down on truckers who use GPS routing and navigation systems to find faster routes around congestion and wind up on prohibited roads with bridges with low clearance. He proposed confiscating trucks and sending truckers who ignore route restrictions to jail.

"This sort of culture of just following the GPS and almost ignoring the road signs has created this public hazard," Paterson told reporters Wednesday.

Many truck drivers use navigation equipment specifically designed for trucking, such as the CoPilot Truck products offered by ALK Technologies, which tell drivers which routes are off limits to commercial vehicles. That's something the standard GPS device won't do, however.

It's a new twist in the debate over what types of onboard electronic devices truckers should be allowed to use on the road, and it may spread to other states.

See this Fox News report for more on the story, including a reaction from the trucking industry.


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