TMSi Logistics Announces Name Change to LEGACY Supply Chain Services

PORTSMOUTH, N.H., Feb. 1, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- TMSi Logistics is proud to announce its name change to LEGACY Supply Chain Services. Through growth and acquisition, LEGACY Supply Chain Services is now a fully integrated supply chain and logistics provider that reduces costs, improves service, and creates a performance-driven culture that empowers employees to continuously find ways to improve. LEGACY has enhanced its service offering, achieved a greater network of resources, and expanded its warehousing and transportation capabilities on a national and global level to better serve its customers.

LEGACY Supply Chain Services continues TMSi's reputation of differentiating itself based on performance and using its leadership development training and measurement program to drive sustainable, year-over-year cost savings for customers. LEGACY has also launched a new and improved website - visit for a complete overview of LEGACY Supply Chain Services' new business model and goals for achieving the highest levels of service and performance.

Ron Cain, Chairman and CEO of LEGACY Supply Chain Services, states, "As members of the LEGACY team, we share the belief that sustainability comes from a culture that sees beyond balance sheets and budget numbers, and that a successful culture is as tangible as any business system. As we enter into a new chapter in our company's story, it is those shared beliefs and values that will allow us to achieve even greater growth and performance levels for our customers as LEGACY Supply Chain Services."

Thomas Rouen Jr., President and COO of LEGACY Supply Chain Services, states, "Although the name change and rebrand of the business is extremely exciting and important, we are remaining focused on the fact that our customers come first. Service is always critical, and we will ultimately be judged by how well we execute and serve our partners throughout this transition. Our executive leadership team is prepared to ensure continuity of service as TMSi makes this critical transition to LEGACY Supply Chain Services."

About LEGACY Supply Chain Services
For over 35 years, LEGACY Supply Chain Services, an integrated supply chain and logistics provider, has successfully enhanced the performance of supply chains. The company's service offering includes distribution and warehousing, domestic transportation brokerage, global freight forwarding, customs brokerage, supply chain technology and retail/installation services. Using our unique and innovative approach to improving operations, our years of experience moving cargo, and our global reach, we develop optimal solutions that reduce costs, improve service, and create a performance-driven culture that empowers employees to continuously find ways to improve.

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