Logistics Technology Providers

Logistics Technology Providers

Technology is now embedded in the very fabric of the way that freight moves across oceans and land. A major dynamic driving technology in logistics is the rise of e-commerce, which has heightened customer expectations in both consumer and industrial markets, and raised demands placed on logistics teams.

Another major factor is the flood of venture capital funding, underpinning hundreds of logistics technology startups, while serving to accelerate the overall pace of innovation. The dizzying pace of new start-ups, new buzzwords and new information makes it extremely challenging to chart an intelligent, risk-averse path. For shippers, it can be confusing to decide which areas of their business make the most sense to invest in, which specific solutions to use to track their supply chain data and to evaluate their current systems and processes.

The logistics technology choices that ocean carriers make will have a significant impact on the overall direction of the logistics technology sector in the future, because much of the data that shippers need in order to optimize their supply chains originates within the data networks of those carriers. To maximize the benefits of such initiatives, the critical data must be accurate, and must flow through such channels as Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) in a timely fashion. In an effort to improve the quality of this data, some ocean carriers are taking steps to collectively harmonize their data standards.


Can a private blockchain fuse the democratic promise of blockchain with its — private — creator’s tendency to exercise control and ownership over the data? And does that model protect sensitive data, while promoting accountability, visibility, and savings?

News & Analysis

04 Aug 2020
The less-than-truckload (LTL) industry is catching the wave of digitization transforming supply chains, as e-commerce heightens shipper demand for improved service and visibility.
31 Jul 2020
The Latin American market can leapfrog past its supply chain inefficiencies by using technology, but there’s an uphill climb to overcome inertia and differences between markets, a Chile-based forwarder told JOC Uncharted this week.
31 Jul 2020
Logistics managers have to negotiate dueling mandates around speed to market and carbon emissions reductions; a new tool from APL Logistics is designed to help them determine which metric is more important.
30 Jul 2020
A new app marketplace connecting drayage providers and two terminals in Los Angeles could lay down a marker for how software integrations and common data standards will make harbor truckers lives more manageable in the Southern California port complex.
28 Jul 2020
A data-sharing initiative between key container gateways in Europe and Asia underlines the need for shippers and service partners to be connected into multiple shipping networks.
28 Jul 2020
The air cargo industry is gradually moving to electronic bookings between forwarders and airlines, but the evolution could still take time if previous digitization initiatives in the industry are any indication.
24 Jul 2020
New technologies like machine learning and robotic process automation are helping forwarders manage a large volume of shipment data tied up in email inboxes that otherwise would be unusable.
23 Jul 2020
Mumbai-based forwarder Shipwaves has joined TradeLens, bolstering the Maersk/IBM-led shipping visibility and documentation platform’s moves in India.
22 Jul 2020
Maersk will penalize shippers that make manual booking and documentation amendments starting Sept. 1; fees can be avoided if the changes are made on its website or through electronic platforms.
22 Jul 2020
Blue Yonder and DHL’s partnership to build a robotics integration product and broader venture capital investment in that category is a sign contract logistics providers need help managing an influx of in-warehouse technology.
21 Jul 2020
Forwarding software provider Logixboard fine-tuned its approach in 2020 to focus on analytics and visibility and less on quoting to enable mid-market logistics companies to improve online engagement with shippers.
21 Jul 2020
Mercado focuses on the aspects of global trade that happen before goods are handled by forwarders and transportation providers, which has helped it land two venture capital infusions in eight months.
21 Jul 2020
A Miami startup intends to create a software platform that levels the playing field for small truckload carriers by giving them a backbone system that also makes their interactions with brokers more consistent.
21 Jul 2020
Ryder, Blue Grace, and ARL Logistics have either started using or expanded existing relationships with truckload broker software provider Trucker Tool, signaling broader use of third-party tools as an edge in a fragmented market.
17 Jul 2020
E2open is changing its pricing structure for data, connectivity, and system usage as it adapts to a logistics software market more keen to all-in pricing.
16 Jul 2020
A startup that calculates door-to-door cargo shipping emissions has released an interface to convey its data directly to shippers and forwarders needing to meet emissions reductions goals.
15 Jul 2020
Freight broker Convoy has enabled small carriers to bid for long-term dedicated freight contracts, expanding the pool of carriers shippers can access to secure such capacity.
14 Jul 2020
Microsoft continues to build on its position as a provider of web services to the logistics industry via an expanded relationship with C.H. Robinson, North America’s largest freight broker.
10 Jul 2020
Cosco Shipping's partnership with Alibaba and the group’s finance arm Ant Financial, which will primarily focus on using blockchain to track containerized goods globally, fits into China’s larger goal of creating a digital silk road threading through its Belt and Road initiative.
09 Jul 2020
Uber Freight has expanded its network of transportation management system integrations by piping its instantly available capacity into the Blue Yonder freight execution system.
08 Jul 2020
London-based digital cargo insurer Loadsure partners with Chicago-based Transship to more fully automate refrigerated containerized exports.
08 Jul 2020
A machine learning software provider is tackling the problem forwarders and customs brokers face in converting the information within core shipping documents into usable data.
07 Jul 2020
The Digital Container Shipping Association is targeting standard vessel schedule publishing to allow ports and cargo interests to get more real-time arrival and departure data.
02 Jul 2020
Transplace has begun providing managed transportation-like services to customers that have their own transportation management system but want to be able to benchmark against the data of the $11 billion of freight the 3PL manages.
29 Jun 2020
On the path from static quotes to instant quotes, a key stepping stone is better connecting forwarders’ rate management tools with the transportation management systems they use.
26 Jun 2020
High-growth retailers have a better sense of their deficiencies in transportation management and other supply chain components than their low-growth peers, a new study has found.
19 Jun 2020
Data2Logistics has been struggling through a system outage this week that is leaving its shipper customers unable to pay carriers through its platform.
16 Jun 2020
TMS and supply chain modeling software providers combine to build an integrated “what if” scenario capability for shippers that normally wouldn’t have the resources to acquire and staff such a solution.
16 Jun 2020
A software startup aiming to be the connective tissue between data from disparate warehousing systems has received venture capital as retailers’ distribution needs get more complex during the COVID-19 pandemic.
11 Jun 2020
Logistics software acquisitions continue to occur amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the latest being Descartes’ $12 million deal to purchase UK-based online forwarding software provider Kontainers.
11 Jun 2020
The forwarder Flexport is edging toward a broader imprint on the shipping industry through the development of customizable interfaces for its customers and increased access to its systems for agent partners.
10 Jun 2020
E2open customers will get access to free cargo visibility as the software company tries to combat the pull of standalone visibility providers.
04 Jun 2020
Werner is the latest broker to use software from Trucker Tools to tap into the app provider’s reach into the North American small carrier and independent driver population.
04 Jun 2020
More venture capital is being funneled toward logistics automation tools, this time a large early stage round in an Ireland-based software provider that build procurement bots for shippers.
02 Jun 2020
A group of 10 maritime bodies argues for accelerating the pace of port data standardization and adoption of modern, single-window systems, among a list of other initiatives.