Specialist in Sports Logistics opens Facility in Lausanne's "House of International Sports"

Specialist in Sports Logistics opens Facility in Lausanne's "House of International Sports"

Frankfurt/Lausanne, 15th June 2011 - With moving into the "Maison du Sport International" - the house of international sports - in Lausanne, all represented international sport federations can use special logistics services by Conceptum Sport Logistics at first hand. Numerous international sport associations and some chosen companies offer a strong platform for international competitive sports at the shores of Lake Geneva. With the specialization in sports logistics, the location in the Olympic town of Lausanne is a valuable addition for Conceptum's managing director Sebastian Stahl: "As many international federations are located in Lausanne also a lot of the transport challenges for sport equipment such as bobsleigh are organized and managed from here. Our transport experts are now as close as a logistic solution can be", the Conceptum-boss says.

The Swiss sports expert and long-term press relations officer of the International Federation of all national Bobsleigh and Skeleton Federations and Organizations FIBT, Ms. Leta Joos, accepted the assignment as relationship manager for Conceptum Sport Logistics in Switzerland. She knows about the sportsmanship Conceptum stands for: "Competitions such as Olympic Games or other tournaments are a massive challenge in terms of logistics.

Less companies offer such passion as Conceptum does - this is an enormous backup for the athletes", says Leta Joos. Conceptum Sport Logistics is present in over 15 countries, and more than 100 partners cooperate worldwide.

"Backing the athletes - this is our everyday challenge. It is a tough job to handle someone's own motivation, to keep up with training, and - on top of all - looking for the transport of the equipment. We take over this challenge, and the athlete can concentrate on the primary goal: winning", outlines managing director Stahl. In Germany Conceptum is located at the most important logistic spots: Munich, Frankfurt and Hamburg, international offices are in important centers of sports such as Calgary or Ottawa and many other strategic locations. "The formalities require strict surveillance and a dedicated team. Sending a bobsleigh around the world means to send a good - and customs are just one intermediate mission of this odyssey", Sebastian Stahl explains.

Conceptum Sport Logistics is the expert in customized logistics solutions for sports equipment. The specialized team assists national Olympic committees and many national as well as international federations with a broad expertise and provides individual solutions for all valuable sport equipments such as bobsleighs, kayaks, and other delicate units. With offices in Germany (Munich, Frankfurt and Hamburg) and global subsidiaries in Lausanne, Calgary, Ottawa and many more, Conceptum offers a service portfolio close to the customers needs. The special solutions provided by Conceptum Sport Logistics worldwide are based on the high-speed and reliable transportation of delicate consignments by air, rail and road. Present in more than 15 countries and offering a network of more than 100 partners, Conceptum Sport Logistics is the leading provider for tailor-made solutions in sport logistics.

More Information: Conceptum Sport Logistics, Hessenring 13 A, 64546 Mörfelden - Walldorf, Web: www.conceptum-logistics.de