Top 25 North American Ports

The JOC Top 25 container ports in North America in 2015 represented 97.1 percent or 39.4 million TEUs of the 40.6 million TEUs in the total North America outbound and inbound laden container trade. The total volume of these top 25 ports in 2015 increased 1.8 percent year-over-year. slightly outpacing the 1.6 percent growth of all ports in North America. Among these top 25 ports in 2015, 17 were U.S. ports; four, Canada ports; and four, Mexico ports. By market share, among these top 25 ports in 2015, U.S. ports led with 76.3 percent of the total North America trade, Canada held an 11.9 percent share and Mexico garnered an 8.9 percent share.

Top 25 North American Ports, Inbound, 2015

Top 25 North American Ports, Outbound, 2015

Top 25 North American Ports, Total, Inbound and Outbound, 2015 


Ports of Prince Rupert, Manzanillo lead North America growth in 2014

Top 25 North American Ports, Inbound, 2014

Top 25 North American Ports, Outbound, 2014

Top 25 North American Ports, Outbound and Inbound, 2014




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new Houston port cranes
Ports on the U.S. East and Gulf coasts have been deepening their harbors and channels and expanding infrastructure, preparing for the opening of the Panama Canal’s big new locks.

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26 Oct 2016
As good as Los Angeles and Long Beach are in attracting strong demand, they must contend with the fractured nature of 15 million TEUs being spread out over 13 terminals.
24 Oct 2016
Multiple calls by large vessels on certain days of the week, known as vessel bunching, are straining the equipment and labor resources at US ports and presenting a growing threat to productivity at container terminals.
The loss of a terminal operator at the Port of Oakland, pictured, is not expected to have any long-term negative impacts.
19 Oct 2016
Cargo interests can be assured of stability at Northern California's Port of Oakland.
13 Oct 2016
A trucker advocacy group at the Port of New York and New Jersey is preparing to launch a system to track terminal turn times in an effort to prod terminals into reducing delays.
12 Oct 2016
The Savannah River channel reopened for commercial traffic Wednesday.
15 Sep 2016
Peak season finally arrives in the trans-Pacific.


The Panama Canal expansion has triggered some serious consideration about a port’s place in the new world order of larger ships and the place of its neighbor(s).