Top 25 North American Ports

Top 25 North American Ports

Overall North American trade totaled 39 million laden 20-foot-equivalent units in 2013, led by U.S. ports with 30.8 million TEUs. Canadian ports accounted for 11.8 percent of the market, and Mexican ports 9.2 percent.

Five U.S. ports or groups of ports led the way in total trade growth among North American ports in 2013: Tacoma, Long Beach, Virginia, the Delaware River ports and the North Carolina ports. This marked a substantial change from 2012, when the Mexican port of Lazaro Cardenas and the Canadian port of Prince Rupert led the way with double-digit gains.

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JOC Top 25 North American Ports in 2013: Imports
What a difference a year makes. In 2012, Lazaro Cardenas, Mexico, and Prince Rupert, British Columbia, dominated other JOC Top 25 North American container ports, with double-digit growth in exports, imports and total trade. The story was much different in 2013.

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Gerald Desmond Bridge in Port of Long Beach
15 Jul 2014
The Long Beach Board of Harbor Commissioners approved a fiscal year 2014-15 budget that calls for $579 million in capital expenditures, including replacement of the Gerald Desmond Bridge and redevelopment of the Middle Harbor container terminal.
15 Jul 2014
Leaders of an industry group that proposed far-reaching changes to operations of the Port of New York and New Jersey are starting the more difficult task of deciding how to turn those recommendations into reality.
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25 Jun 2014
West coast Canadian ports experienced double-digit year-over-year volume growth in May.
08 May 2014
Leading the North America container trade in 2013 are the combined Southern California ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, representing 27.3 perce
08 May 2014
Leading North America container Imports in 2013 are the combined Southern California ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, representing 32.8 percent


The Panama Canal expansion has triggered some serious consideration about a port’s place in the new world order of larger ships and the place of its neighbor(s).