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A global transportation resource, the JOC Sailing Schedule offers the cargo transport industry multiple ways to access maritime shipping schedules and related information.  Frequent changes to the carriers’ schedules make it critical to have reliable data so you can provide the best possible solution for your customers. 

A powerful resource for Manufacturers, Importers/Exporters, NVOCCs/Freight Forwarders/3PLs.

Container Lines

20 Feb 2017
The lack of detail in the schedules of the two mega-carrier alliances launching on April 1 is causing “planning headaches."
17 Feb 2017
Spot rates in eastbound Pacific dropping during post-Chinese New Year lull, but not as steeply as last year.
17 Feb 2017
Spot rates on the Shanghai-Europe trade have fallen for the seventh straight week.
16 Feb 2017
"A container shortage is possible."

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Port News

20 Feb 2017
Central Japanese port kept title for fifth straight year despite a decline in overseas shipments.
26 Oct 2016
Untraditional deals that finance harbor dredging or underwrite the purchase of entire ports are receiving more consideration.
17 Oct 2016
Kenya Port Authority set up a task force to arrest the 10 percent volume fall in the first half.
15 Sep 2016
The outlook for overall container trade growth, and particularly transshipment, is bleak.
Hanjin Shipping vessels around the world face arrest if the company is unable to secure the necessary legal protections to bar creditors from seizing their assets.
04 Sep 2016
As of Friday, three Hanjin ships were waiting to call the Los Angeles and Long Beach port complex, according to Marine Exchange of Southern California. 
As vessel alliances change, SPRC of Colombia, pictured, and ports around the world will face new challenges.
30 Aug 2016
The days of multiuser container terminals could be coming to an end, according to the head of a Colombian container terminal.