Off-Road, for Wal-Mart

Not many people are fooled by the announcements that corporate executives, football managers and others are leaving jobs paying big salaries to, as the line goes, “spend more time with my family.”

But Wal-Mart’s announcement a couple of weeks ago that Brian Cornell, 52, was leaving as president and CEO of the Sam’s Club business did have very much the ring of truth when the release said “he and his wife would like to move back to the Northeast for family reasons.”

Wal-Mart didn’t stop there. After praising his work at the company, they quoted him:

"I have felt at home here and have a strong connection to the associates, the company and its values and mission. However, after 30 years of asking my family to follow me all around the globe, it is time to put them first. My wife and I want to put down roots in the Northeast and live in the same ZIP code as our children – not just occasionally seeing them in hotels and restaurants."

That’s about the most poignant corporate departure statement I’ve read. But I also suspect Brian Cornell will find work in the Northeast. 

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