Regulation & Policy

The future of the Compliance, Safety, Accountability or CSA program increasingly is in doubt.

The scandal revolved around a federal police investigation that translates to “The Flesh is Weak.”

The decision on the deal, said to be worth around $4 billion, was due on March 27.

The Department of Justice is targeting a “gray area” between its authority and that of the Federal Maritime Commission.

US authorities capitalized on a rare window to exercise their power over non-US-based companies.

Despite President Donald Trump’s aversion to multilateral agreements, TFA holds big benefits for US companies.

The TFA contains sweeping provisions for expediting the movement of goods, and for publishing up-to-date data about rules and regulations critical for speeding up trade facilitation.

A "technical error" could cut $112 million from federal funding for truck safety enforcement programs, raising the risk of high-cost accidents.

“Working together in a cartel ... does not fly with the Commission.”

Brazil formerly had an independent port ministry.