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09 Jul 2014
It ended so fast. With one statement, the countless hours and money spent over the last year to prepare for one of the biggest — if not the biggest — game-changers in global container shipping went up in smoke.
25 Jun 2014
WASHINGTON — U.S. Federal Maritime Commission Chairman Mario Cordero today said the agency is reaching out to container lines for specifics on their planned congestion surcharges ahead of potential work stoppages at U.S. West Coast ports.
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25 Jun 2014
WASHINGTON — U.S. manufacturers could lose a powerful resource that helps some of their foreign customers get loan guarantees they couldn’t secure in the private sector, which backers say allows many American exporters to stay globally competitive.
24 Jun 2014
The European Union today extended by five years an antitrust exemption for liner shipping consortia, in the face of opposition from shippers.
23 Jun 2014
Canadian truck drivers are bristling at a U.S. proposal to more than double the fees they pay to authorities at the border.
20 Jun 2014
The U.S. Transportation Security Administration will no longer require the air cargo industry to report its pre-screened volume monthly, saving shippers and forwarders hundreds of hours of time.
19 Jun 2014
A translation of the announcement by China’s Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM) rejecting the P3 Network.
19 Jun 2014
The Wal-Mart truck driver that earlier this month slammed into a limousine van, killing one comedian and badly injuring TV star Tracy Morgan, was speeding but wasn’t in violation of federal rules on how long he could be behind the wheel, according to a preliminary federal investigation.
Richard Lidinsky
19 Jun 2014
WASHINGTON — The only U.S. Federal Maritime Commissioner to cast a vote against the P3 Network said Chinese authorities might have done the agency “a favor by forcing us to look at our regulatory standards within this new world” of massive vessel-sharing agreements.
18 Jun 2014
WASHINGTON — With few short-term solutions available to solve the nation’s highway funding crisis, some in Congress are willing to back raising and indexing the federal fuels tax to inflation despite the political risks.
18 Jun 2014
WASHINGTON — A former head of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has blasted truck critics for “political opportunism” in falsely implying a recent high-profile truck accident is tied to an effort to rollback new federal rules for truck drivers.



Maybe you’ve heard about China’s rejection of the P3 Network. In all seriousness, I’m hesitant to cover an issue such as this because of the overwhelming analysis and observation that has come before me. But I have strong feelings about why China refused to allow it and a lot of questions about the real outcome.