Regulation & Policy

Although the 2M Alliance will launch April 1, the HMM agreement will go into effect as soon as March 30.

The fine against each company could reach 9-10 billion rubles ($150-170 million).

The same legislation was introduced once before without ever making it out of the Senate.

Japanese authorities have ordered Yusen Logistics Co. to completely suspend its customs clearance operations.

India’s major ports face a fresh threat of labor stoppages.

The Department of Justice declined to say why CEOs of major carriers were served subpoenas March 15 at the biannual Box Club meeting in San Francisco.

The future of the Compliance, Safety, Accountability or CSA program increasingly is in doubt.

The scandal revolved around a federal police investigation that translates to “The Flesh is Weak.”

The decision on the deal, said to be worth around $4 billion, was due on March 27.

The Department of Justice is targeting a “gray area” between its authority and that of the Federal Maritime Commission.