Regulation & Policy

Officials also credited industry organizations’ communication about the new rules, and regulatory approval of a common approach by major container lines and six ports.

Shipper frustration over what they see as dubious charges from some terminals, liners and forwarders is intensifying.

A new market friendly government in Brazil is keen to get U.S. investment for infrastructure.

There are no reports of disruption at Europe’s three largest container ports Friday as the SOLAS rule took effect.

It was “business as usual” at container terminals in India's major port complexes on Friday.

A nervous container business is bracing for the new VGM regulations.

Cargo agents in China are being squeezed from both sides as box weighing charges fall in their laps.

How containers moving to on-dock ramps will be weighed is still being worked out just days before the rule takes effect Friday.

The not-so-unexpected announcement from the Danish container line was made just as ports, marine terminals and container lines are coming closer to creating a system that will use pre-existing weighing processes to alleviate the burden on U.S. exporters.

India’s Directorate General of Shipping has issued a supplementary decree allowing shippers more time to comply with requirements laid down in its final ordinance issued May 11.