Regulation & Policy

The authority said the Netherlands is the only country whose ports have been ordered by the European Union to pay corporation tax.

Container ships' average time in port for the month of July rose more than three hours in just the last week.

The majority of ships deployed on Asia-Europe by the end of 2018 will be greater than 18,000 TEU, which will have implications for rate levels and ports.

The government of India is stepping up efforts to build an array of multimodal logistics facilities across the nation.

The government wants to develop a high capacity, low unit cost shipping network.

If the ban takes effect, US exporters of these commodities will lose access to the destination where they shipped 77.8 percent of their products last year.

McCain first introduced a Jones Act repeal bill in 2010.

Trade disputes are driving US exporters of dried distillers grains (DDGs) to overhaul their supply chains.

A key House committee wants the Department of Transportation to consider delaying its electronic logging mandate, adding more uncertainty to the debate about the regulation, which takes effect in December.

The shuttering of many plants for three weeks and more, opposed to the traditional break of one or two weeks, bodes poorly for the country’s third-largest export and its second-largest import.