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A bill introduced in the House of Representatives this week would establish national hiring standards for shippers, brokers and other parties contracting or using trucking companies.

The ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach can begin working together to address congestion after U.S. Federal Maritime commissioners on Thursday unanimously approved an amendment this week allowing the two largest U.S. container ports to work together.

The Obama administration is discussing a plan that U.S.-flag carriers fear will further reduce their ability to carry food aid shipments financed by government agencies.

Merely suggesting that U.S. domestic ships might be built overseas is enough to jeopardize U.S. orders for ships in Jones Act trades, U.S. Maritime Administrator Paul “Chip” Jaenichen told a congressional budget hearing Wednesday.

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Shippers can better avoid getting hit with higher costs from unscrupulous ocean carriers by insuring contracts don’t allow carriers to hike drayage and other costs just because port congestion pushes up delivery rates, possibly triggering demurrage charges, especially on door delivery shipments, a maritime attorney said.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection inspectors check container at Port of Baltimore.
A looming shutdown of the Department of Homeland Security could put U.S. international trade, not just national security, at risk, President Obama warned Monday, though in reality trade at ports of entry will not be delayed even in the event of a DHS shutdown.

A newly introduced U.S. House bill would allow shippers to pay for additional Customs staffing and extended gate times at the entire U.S.-Mexico border, and not just at ports of entry in Texas as they can now.

The completion of a long-awaited Pacific trade deal may still be a ways off, international officials say, so long as U.S. legislators continue to delay key trade legislation that would make the deal possible.

Drayage drivers serving the port of Manila warn that new rules requiring the phase-out of older trucks will cause congestion to rear its head again at the Philippines’ largest container port.

Suez Canal
It’s too soon to determine whether a new police department tasked with protecting the Suez Canal will do enough to secure the region, a supply chain security expert told on Wednesday.