Regulation & Policy

The US agency charged with clearing goods at the border lacks sufficient staff to handle the growing flow, and the price of related delays are costing the United States as much as $5.8 billion a year, according to a report by the US Congress Joint Economic Committee.

Roughly $4.6 billion is needed at East and Gulf coast ports to remedy pinch points in harbor infrastructure.

The decision will facilitate infrastructure investment.

Spanish dockers have threatened a fresh wave of strikes.

US Customs and Border Protection sided with the oil and gas industry over Jones Act supporters in the first major test of how the act’s US-flag shipping requirements will be interpreted under the Trump administration.

If there was any sign of foul play, “we’d investigate,” the Federal Maritime Commission acting chairman Michael Khouri said at a Senate subcommittee hearing on Tuesday.

JNPT's program to ease congestion and lower logistics costs had its best month ever in April.

The move will impact port and supply chain investments under the Belt and Road program.

A new paper says beneficial cargo owners are largely to blame for the poor service levels of today’s liner shipping industry.

Legislators said their interest in the area has been piqued by a broader inquiry into possible collusion among carriers in the world’s three major vessel-sharing agreements.