Transportation Regulations

Transportation Regulations

In-depth coverage of shipping security, including strategies, new regulations, screening and more.


Motor carrier “scores” issued under the Compliance, Safety, Accountability program are not helping the public as intended and are causing unnecessary harm. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration needs to take those scores off the table and out of public view until it fixes problems with the methodology used to create them.

News & Analysis

truck on winding road
17 Apr 2015
The Transportation Intermediaries Association wants truck safety data generated by a controversial federal program — the CSA program — immediately removed from public view.
16 Apr 2015
U.S. maritime regulators have approved an agreement allowing terminal operators and equipment managers on the West Coast to work with shipping lines, trucking companies and railroads to tackle congestion.
14 Apr 2015
U.S. Federal Maritime Commission Chairman Mario Cordero on Tuesday said the agency is “taking the temperature” on alleged unreasonable demurrage and detention fees. But the agency doesn’t have a timeline on when it will act -- whether that’s through an investigation, a fact-finding mission or something else -- nor is there a guarantee it will.
14 Apr 2015
The U.S. House and Senate may have to act to preserve changes to a controversial restart provision in 2013 truck driver hours-of-service rules if a report on those rules isn't ready by Sept. 30, NASSTRAC officials told shippers.
truck safety check
13 Apr 2015
The penalties for violating truck safety rules in the U.S. are about to rise by hundreds or thousands of dollars, as regulators adjust civil fines for inflation for the first time since 2007.
09 Apr 2015
Federal regulators ordered a South Carolina trucker off the road last week after a series of inspections revealed faulty brakes and other safety violations.
newer trucks operating at the Port of Long Beach
09 Apr 2015
Green programs implemented by the port, trucking and rail industries in California have contributed mightily to harmful emissions reductions in the state over the past 20 years, according to a University of Southern California study published last month in the Journal of the Air and Waste Management Association.
07 Apr 2015
The U.S. Federal Maritime Commission on Monday is expected to present its much-anticipated findings on whether shippers face unreasonable demurrage charges tied to congestion.
02 Apr 2015
A New York Times piece highlighting the powers at play behind lobbyists’ efforts to sway lawmakers on a potential vote for larger truck sizes promises to throw fuel on an already fiery debate.
30 Mar 2015
Both sides in the debate over larger truck trailers are gearing up for the next battle in a long-standing war as Congress works on the next federal surface transportation bill.