Transportation Regulations

Transportation Regulations

In-depth coverage of shipping security, including strategies, new regulations, screening and more.


An owner-operator shares some often overlooked facts about U.S. truck driver hours of service rules and how they affect his business.

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29 Jan 2015
China once again delayed implementation of its advanced vessel manifest filing rule, putting off a requirement that if and when implemented will require shippers to submit shipping instructions to their carriers days earlier than they do currently.
ag shipment at New Mexico border crossing, inspections
19 Jan 2015
U.S. agriculture shippers are welcoming Washington’s recent decision to finally open up the border to more Mexican trucking companies as the move will end retaliatory tariffs on their products and will help them find truck capacity.
06 Jan 2015
Federal regulators are preparing a host of final and proposed trucking regulations for release and comment this year, but delays caused by lack of staffing and other issues may slow the process.
truck driver
04 Jan 2015
It’s not clear how many rules the FMCSA will be able to complete in the last two years of the Obama administration, and rules on driver coercion and electronic logging are likely to be challenged in Congress or in court — which could delay their implementation.
22 Dec 2014
The Nigerian Shippers Council hopes its new regulatory powers will help bring Nigerian ports up to global standards by ensuring concessions are awarded fairly.
19 Dec 2014
The Japanese government has recently expressed concern to the U.S. government regarding the delays of U.S. forage exports because of U.S. West Coast port congestion, according to an agriculture shipper group.
15 Dec 2014
Federal regulators are proceeding with a negotiated rule-making on minimum national truck driver training standards, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration said Dec. 12.
12 Dec 2014
Changes to truck driver hours of service rules under the cromnibus spending bill could increase truck capacity, giving carriers a quick productivity boost for the holidays.
10 Dec 2014
The likelihood that truck drivers will have different hours of service rules next year is increasing, as Congress wraps language that will change suspend some 2013 HOS changes into its $1 trillion spending bill.
09 Dec 2014
Starting Dec. 18, U.S. truck drivers in most cases will no longer have to file a report if an inspection of their equipment shows no maintenance issues and safety defects, saving the industry nearly $1.7 billion annually, according to the U.S. Department of Transportation.