Transportation Regulations

Transportation Regulations

In-depth coverage of shipping security, including strategies, new regulations, screening and more.


With intermodal loadings in record territory and the railroads pushed to the limit to move the volume, it might seem a bit strange to be sounding an alarm about a slowdown. But the intermodal industry is entering a period of vulnerability after a prolonged period of growth. While trouble isn’t inevitable, intermodal’s near-term destiny has passed to forces outside of intermodal’s control.

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15 Dec 2014
Federal regulators are proceeding with a negotiated rule-making on minimum national truck driver training standards, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration said Dec. 12.
12 Dec 2014
Changes to truck driver hours of service rules under the cromnibus spending bill could increase truck capacity, giving carriers a quick productivity boost for the holidays.
10 Dec 2014
The likelihood that truck drivers will have different hours of service rules next year is increasing, as Congress wraps language that will change suspend some 2013 HOS changes into its $1 trillion spending bill.
09 Dec 2014
Starting Dec. 18, U.S. truck drivers in most cases will no longer have to file a report if an inspection of their equipment shows no maintenance issues and safety defects, saving the industry nearly $1.7 billion annually, according to the U.S. Department of Transportation.
U.S. Capitol building with flag in front.
09 Dec 2014
An amendment that would suspend the current 34-hour restart provision in the truck driver hours of service rules pending further study is buried deep within the omnibus spending bill being crafted by Congress. Will it survive as Congress struggles to pass spending legislation before midnight Dec. 12 to avoid a government shutdown?
05 Dec 2014
WASHINGTON — Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., lashed out at the Jones Act during a Friday panel at the Heritage Foundation, saying the 94-year-old maritime law is an anachronism that hurts U.S. farmers and manufacturers at the expense of foreign rivals.
road work
04 Dec 2014
President Obama on Wednesday severely downplayed the chances of hiking the federal fuel tax to provide more stable surface transportation funding.
04 Dec 2014
Two U.S. senators are objecting to a provision in a House-passed Coast Guard reauthorization bill that they say will require more U.S food aid shipments to be carried on U.S.-flag ships.
04 Dec 2014
Spurred by a fatal truck accident, a U.S.
02 Dec 2014
U.S. and Singapore shippers and transportation providers in their countries’ trusted trader programs are poised to see faster cargo processing after customs agencies from both countries yesterday signed two major agreements.