New Website Launched for Foreign Trade Zone No. 79, Tampa Bay/I-4 Corridor

Apr 21, 2014

Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) No. 79, which encompasses the Tampa Bay/I-4 Corridor region of Central Florida, has launched a new website at  The website outlines the benefits of the FTZ No. 79 Program and presents examples to demonstrate how companies involved with international trade can leverage the Program, along with regional logistical assets, to streamline operations and reduce associated costs for qualified importing, exporting, manufacturing, and warehouse and distribution activities by becoming an FTZ No. 79 Zone participant.   The key features of the website include:

  • FTZ estimated savings calculator
  • Interactive map depicting the entire geographical area and individual Zone Sites of the FTZ No. 79 Program
  • Presentation of the logistical/connectivity advantages of the Tampa Bay/I-4 Corridor region
  • Instructions to become a Zone participant

In addition to the website, FTZ No. 79 recently designated both Hillsborough County and Polk County as its Alternative Site Framework’s Service Area, which provides an expedited FTZ application process for companies located in either of the two counties.  Companies located in the Tampa Bay/I-4 Corridor region that do not have facilities located in either Hillsborough or Polk County can apply for participation in FTZ No. 79 under the traditional application process.

The FTZ No. 79 program is a business operations focused program designed to help Tampa Bay/I-4 Corridor businesses remain competitive in the international market place.  Participating in the FTZ No. 79 Program grants businesses the opportunity to:

  • Maintain high level quality assurance over the importing/exporting process
  • Achieve substantial cost savings through the elimination, deferral, or reduction of customs duties on imported and exported/re-exported merchandise
  • Qualify for reduced administrative processing fees associated with importing and exporting

For further information as to how FTZ No. 79 can benefit your company contact Mr. Torrey Chambliss, Administrator of the FTZ No. 79 Program.