Red Arrow Logistics One of 12 Companies with U.S. Department of Commerce Trade Delegation to Afghanistan

Red Arrow Logistics One of 12 Companies with U.S. Department of Commerce Trade Delegation to Afghanistan

Issaquah, WA – February 13, 2012 -- Red Arrow Logistics, a logistics and transportation company serving fast growing, complex and high value supply chains, was selected as one of
12 U.S. companies participating in a U.S. Department of Commerce trade mission to Kabul, Afghanistan, which began today. Red Arrow’s CEO, Liz Lasater will meet with Afghan companies interested in partnering with U.S. companies, as well as U.S. business and government organizations with operations there that are seeking new collaborations with the expertise and relationships to provide services in this underdeveloped region of the world.

“We are honored to be one of the handful of companies to participate in this trade mission to Afghanistan, while so many are looking to establish business relationships with this trading partner that has great potential,” said Liz Lasater, CEO of Red Arrow Logistics. “Logistics is central to any successful trade relationships and key to regional stability, so we are looking forward to serving as a facilitator of commerce wherever possible.”

According to Under Secretary for International Trade Francisco Sánchez, “U.S. businesses offer products and services that are in demand all over the world. There are incredible opportunities overseas, a number of which are in Afghanistan. American businesses can — and should — play a role in the growth of the Afghan economy. This business development mission will help achieve this goal, providing a chance for participating U.S. companies to boost sales, while helping rebuild Afghanistan into a stable country moving forward.”

Until now, few U.S. companies have had access to operate in and to-from Afghanistan as it has long-been a conflict region. The International Trade office of the Obama Administration’s Department of Commerce is actively working with the Afghanistan government and business community to identify ways to strengthen commerce and the economy in ways that are beneficial to the U.S. and firms in the region.

“Our experience serving the U.S. federal and government agencies, public works, renewable energy, technology and consumer products companies with complex supply chains prepares us to support companies doing business in and with Afghanistan,” says Lasater. Red Arrow has experience providing logistics and transportation services in and out of unstable markets that trade with the U.S. as demonstrated with prior contracts in Kuwait, Ghana and Micronesia.

“We believe that our service record and diverse experience makes a small firm like ours uniquely capable to support government and business doing business with the Afghanistan market.”

About Red Arrow Logistics
As the next generation model of logistics companies, Red Arrow Logistics has the global network, supply chain expertise and a nimble approach to creating strategic and innovative solutions for special projects and complex supply chains. The Company has deep experience in the technology, military, food & beverage, consumer products and renewable energy sectors, in the international and domestic arenas.

With over 3500 regional and national contracted carriers in the U.S. and service in 185 countries worldwide through World Cargo Alliance, Red Arrow offers scale and the scope of services to meet the budget and schedule requirements of the largest and smallest companies alike. Its primary services are in the areas of freight transportation, freight forwarding, warehousing and distribution services, and custom retail programs.