Rail & Intermodal

It highlights the hurdle the US Class I rail industry faces to grow intermodal business.

CSX Transportation is geographically, financially, operationally, and managerially unlike the two Canadian railroads Harrison has helmed in the past.

As railroads are moving intermodal operations closer to their end markets, those end markets are fighting back projects they say test the limits of local infrastructure.

Expect significant delays for goods moving via rail Northern California, Nevada, and the Pacific Northwest.

The legal salvo is the latest sign of how Hanjin containers continue to disrupt the global container shipping market.

Four weeks into the Trump administration, it appears the trade rhetoric of the campaign may well find expression in actual policy.

US inventories are rising, but inventory-to-sales ratios are falling, a sign freight is moving inland faster and inventories turning over more rapidly.

FECR operates about 350 miles of track along the east coast of Florida, and TRAC has an active fleet of more than 267,000 chassis.

More containerization in Russia would help cut transportation costs in the country.