Rail & Intermodal

Union Pacific brings domestic intermodal rail to the ICTF near LA-LB ports.

Total US business logistics costs dropped in 2016 for the first time in seven years, the 2017 State of Logistics Report says. Are they poised to bounce back?

The Russian economic recovery is driving dramatic increases in ocean shipping freight rates.

Launched last year, BoxTech contains the tare weight, max gross mass, and size type for containers from all over the world — particularly helpful for BCOs and forwarders meeting the new international SOLAS container weight requirements.

The new track will also help raise rail’s share of hinterland container traffic.

US exporters are scrambling to find containers, with some coming up empty-handed.

Shippers believe the deal has the potential to lower the cost of rail shipping.

Globalink Logistics has been named as the forwarder partnering with Kerry Logistics in a Central Asia-wide joint venture to capitalize on rising volumes through the China-Europe rail corridor.

As e-commerce reshapes fulfillment and transportation, the effects are evident among logistics companies that make the Fortune 500 list of largest US companies.

The end-to-end transport solution introduced in conjunction with rail operator Container Corporation of India (Concor) includes all cargo processes.