Rail & Intermodal

Forwarders continue to pile into the China-Europe rail network, offering new multimodal services.

Renovation of the port’s low-water ro-ro dock follows the completion in 2016 of a two-year, $13 million rebuilding of the main dock at the Tulsa-Catoosa port.

The challenge with chassis shortages is that they are just as chronic and pervasive as they are nuanced.

Ceva initiated its China-Europe rail operation with a service from Suzhou in 2010.

Rail tracks end long before e-commerce's last mile, but Amazon.com has many "touch points" at Union Pacific Railroad, Beth Whited says.

Alameda Corridor authority will not seek accelerated fee increases or port assistance despite slower cargo volume gains.


Senior Development Consultant Aaron Stewart on the Tennessee Valley Authority's work creating economic development opportunities in Memphis. 

Although May’s inventory-to-sales ratio, the final test for the theory, is still unavailable, other factors suggest the turnaround has begun.

Union Pacific brings domestic intermodal rail to the ICTF near LA-LB ports.

Total US business logistics costs dropped in 2016 for the first time in seven years, the 2017 State of Logistics Report says. Are they poised to bounce back?