Rail & Intermodal

A stagnant export-import freight market is pressuring profit margins for containerized rail operators in India.

North American intermodal shippers using Canadian National Railway’s Canadian network are preparing for potential delays.

Shippers are pessimistic that the situation will improve any time soon.

New rail service launched between Shenzhen and Minsk to cover growing trade between the two cities.

Nippon Express wants to capitalize on the growing demand for such services.

RZD is introducing new rail services between China and Europe via Mongolia.

The railway said it will do everything in its power to minimize impact to customers.

Outdated and poorly maintained rolling stock is causing Russia’s containerized rail system to operate below capacity.

North American railways and trucking companies are in a bare-knuckle, low-margin fight for domestic intermodal cargo.

The ban follows a recent gas spill from one of the containers stored at the Tughlakabad Inland Container Depot near Delhi.