Rail & Intermodal

The acquisition, announced Tuesday, must still pass muster with regulators in both the US and Mexico.

CN Keith Reardson at TPM 2017

CN reinvests approximately 20 percent of its revenue back in to its physical infrastructure, Vice President of Intermodal Keith Reardon said at TPM 2017. 

A decline in production numbers and China regulations on paint look set to limit the availability of containers, which could spell trouble when demand picks up in peak periods.

Road from Southeast Asia to China and rail on to Poland — another service option as the overland route between Asia and Europe grows in popularity.

China-Europe rail is appearing as a regular service offered by forwarders as BCOs begin including the overland route in their requests for quotations.

Russian antitrust authorities raided offices and seized documents Wednesday.

Cass truckload and intermodal data reflect importance of fuel in pricing and rising demand.

India wants to switch from a point-to-point transportation system to a hub-and-spoke model.

It’s unclear whether the private sector has what it takes to make sensitive matchback solutions sustainable.

Although ports may reopen Wednesday, in parts of the US Northeast, over-the-road freight transport remains frozen.