PortVision Improves Waterway Visibility for Gulf Intracoastal Canal Association (GICA) Members

PortVision Improves Waterway Visibility for Gulf Intracoastal Canal Association (GICA) Members

Houston, TX, August 11, 2011 -- PortVision®, a leading provider of business intelligence solutions for the maritime industry, today announced an agreement with the Gulf Intracoastal Canal Association (GICA) that will enable the organization’s members to view GICA waterway alerts and related notices in the web-based map display of PortVision’s Automatic Identification System (AIS) vessel-tracking service. PortVision’s business intelligence service combines real-time AIS data visualization and historical information with powerful management tools to deliver a comprehensive view of vessel traffic in user-defined monitoring zones.

GICA announced the agreement with PortVision to its members today at the organization’s 106th Annual Convention in New Orleans which continues through August 12, 2011. All GICA members will have web access to PortVision’s map display, where they can view all current GICA alerts and notices. GICA members who are also PortVision customers will be able to see the alerts in a single integrated display alongside other regularly used PortVision information, including vessel position reports, PortVision alerts and current weather conditions.

“We are pleased to be offering this valuable service to our members,” said Jim Stark, executive director with GICA. “GICA will be placing alert icons on PortVision’s web-based map display, and annotating them with other useful details to provide a variety of timely, actionable information that will enhance the value of GICA membership and improve efficiency and safety on the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway.”

“GICA has been a long-time user of the PortVision service, and we are very happy to be extending its benefits to the broader GICA membership,” said Dean Rosenberg, PortVision chief executive officer. “All GICA members will now be able to see the organization’s alerts in a geographic context within our convenient map display, and those who are also PortVision customers can combine this information with our other fleet-management features to gain even better visibility that will drive better business decisions.”

About PortVision
PortVision provides enhanced levels of knowledge and transparency to maritime activities within ports, inland waterways, and oceans. The Web-based service provides real-time visualization and historical reporting through a data warehouse that processes and analyzes over 40 million vessel movements each day. PortVision records all vessel arrivals and departures in covered service regions and can be configured to automatically alert users when events of interest occur. Historical playback and reporting features offer expanded opportunities to increase safety, security, efficiency, and market intelligence. PortVision subscribers include users from all major oil companies, large and small marine service companies, terminals, fleet owners, port authorities, and government agencies. Based in Houston, Texas, PortVision is a service of AIRSIS Inc., a San Diego-based technology company. For more information, visit www.portvision.com or call 1-713-337-3737.

About GICA
The Gulf Intracoastal Canal Association (GICA) was organized in 1905 to promote the need for a single channel to connect all major Gulf Coast ports. The creation of the channel, known as the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway (GIWW), was made possible by the cooperative efforts of communities, legislators, and government agencies working toward a common goal. GICA's mission is to ensure the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway is maintained, operated, and improved upon to provide the safest, most efficient, economical, and environmentally-sound water transportation route in the nation. For more information, visit www.gicaonline.com or call 1-901-490-3312.