Port News

Port officials told JOC.com they aim to use the new CSX Transportation double-stack rail service to siphon regional North and South Carolina shippers, both importers and exporters, away from ports in states farther north and south.

Robust demand is expected to push US poultry export volume higher this year.

When it comes to poultry, the Port of Savannah has plenty to crow about.

Port Houston's Roger Guenther on 2016 context, expectations for 2017, resin market impact and $1.3 billion infrastructure investments plans.

Pacific Northwest ports believe the true competitive edge will come from faster cargo velocity at the terminals.

Europe’s leading ocean container hub handled 6.7 million TEU in the first six months of 2016.

An analysis of April-to-June productivity statistics shows GTI has steadily outperformed its rivals in the port complex.

Hutchison said it continues to be impacted by ongoing structural consolidation within the container shipping industry and a consequent rationalization of services.

Clean-air update would result in estimated $7 billion to $14 billion in extra costs in Los Angeles-Long Beach while expanding even further the ports' leading emissions reductions among US ports.

The congestion appears to be worsening.