Port News

Fesco is currently in talks with its creditors and bondholders over the restructuring of its debts.

The facility was slated to become one of the largest container terminals in sub-Saharan Africa

Nine port pairs on services between Southeast Asia and the West Coast are experiencing faster transit times than before the new and enhanced alliances launched April 1.

The opening of the elevated Bayonne Bridge in June is likely to bring change.

The drop widened the gap between the German port and its top rivals.

Prior to the collapse of the national shipping line, Busan was poised to supplant Hong Kong in global port rankings.

The North American Chassis Pool Cooperative (NACPC) already provides premium pools in the Ohio Valley, Savannah, and Houston.

Gene Seroka at TPM 2017

Detailing two topics discussed at length at TPM 2017, Port of Los Angeles Executive Director Gene Seroka joined JOC.com for a discussion of HPEC — the Harbor Performance Enhancement Center, as well as a new partnership with General Electric Transportation on a portal/information sharing system. "This will provide visibility on cargo coming into Los Angeles 14 days before ship arrival," Seroka said.

Ports with newly green-lighted projects praised the Corps action.

Legislators’ recent interest in rewriting the Shipping Act of 1984 has been sparked by third-party suppliers’ fears of alliances having too much power.