Port News

India and Iran on Monday entered into a formal investment agreement for Chabahar port, the first such agreement involving an Iranian port and international backers since the lifting of sanctions related to Iran’s nuclear program.

Shippers, marine terminals and container lines could get some leeway in the first three months of the new SOLAS container weighing rule.

At the 16th TPM Conference JOC Senior Content Editor Alessandra Barrett and Norfolk Southern Railway Director of International Intermodal Randy Bayles discuss how the expansion of the Panama Canal has impacted how NS serves ports on the U.S. East Coast and the challenges presented to intermodal rail providers by container surges from mega-ships.

Clearmetal Founder and Chief Executive Officer Adam Compain got together with JOC Senior Content Editor Alessandra Barrett at the 16th TPM Conference to chat about the largest challenges facing ocean carriers when it comes to equipment positioning and repositioning and the hurdles created in this regard by the ever-growing complexity of supply chains.

JOC Senior Content Editor Alessandra Barrett and Port of Nansha, Guangzhou Port America President and Chief Executive Officer John Painter talk about how critical it is to have in place contingencies to shift ports of origin or destination in an emergency and port congestion trends in Asia.

Strike actions that paralyzed France last week have cut off rail access to the port of Le Havre.

The new SOLAS regulation could increase costs in more ways than expected.

India’s port connectivity infrastructure, which is a source of regular frustration for shippers and logistics providers, should show some improvement in the coming years.

Several world regions seem to have planned much more container terminal capacity than needed for the coming decades.

The world's container supply chain remains concerned at a lack of clarity around the SOLAS verified gross mass ruling.