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Growth in US containerized exports continues, but slows, despite uncertainties over the direction of US trade policy, a strong dollar, and growing competition.

Tissa Wickramasinghe TPM 2017

Investment by CM Ports in the technology enabled development of service at a level unseen in Sri Lanka, CICT General Manager Tissa Wickramasinghe said. He discussed the arrival of largest ships, capacity concerns, and regional impact in this interview.  

The deal follows the official adoption earlier this year of an ambitious development plan for the port.

Labor actions have already caused delays at Santo marine terminals by putting thousands of containers in limbo because they can't be cleared.

Though two trans-Pacific services were added to the US Gulf last year, questions persist about whether there will be enough ship capacity to handle the resins exports demand.

Although the harbor drayage community has known about the clean-truck mandate since 2008, only 46 percent of the trucks that pick up and deliver containers in Seattle and Tacoma are compliant.

The union had suspended industrial action in hope of cutting a deal with APM Terminals.

Gateway Distriparks Ltd. has the largest CFS in the port complex.

The plan was announced during an official ceremony held on Friday to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the port’s opening.

“Anything that puts restrictions on the largest vessels coming into Hong Kong impacts Hong Kong’s competitiveness.”