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Sponsor Video: With a consistent 4 percent growth over the last few years, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey is working with stakeholders to build business by better enabling its business partners, notes Molly Campbell, director of the port department.

The subject of a contract extension was first raised in March 2015 at the JOC’s annual TPM Conference.

Sponsor Video: Collaboration from vessel to terminal to rail and onward comes naturally, GCT Canada's Chris Ng said, because, as in football, no one wants to fumble the ball.

Port CEO Brandy Christian called the agreement a “win-win”.

Local shipping sources also told JOC.com that truck lines leading to the terminal have now shortened considerably.

Surcharge comes as ports, carriers prepare for surge in synthetic resin exports.

The opening of the new locks in June 2016 shifted the competitive advantage back to the Panama Canal.

The EU’s executive said it is also assessing tax breaks for other ports in the 28-nation bloc.

Portland will have a better idea of the types of container business it can attract back to the port by year-end.

Sponsor Video: Making BCO partnerships centric with the terminal strategy is vital, says Jeremy Ford, APM Terminals' head of commercial.