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How deep are U.S. ports?

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In the past several months, the Port of New York and New Jersey and other ports along the East Coast have experienced record cargo growth due primarily to containers routed here from the West Coast. This growth has led to challenges in how we handle the increased volume on the land side, which we are working on collaboratively with various stakeholders including terminal operators, trucking companies, chassis providers and public safety to address.

News & Analysis

27 Apr 2015
The Port of Virginia’s efforts to curb congestion took a literal hit Sunday morning after a barge struck a rail bridge, forcing Norfolk Southern Railway to delay five intermodal services and end two.
Port Everglades' Jim Pyburn at TPM 2015.
27 Apr 2015
Labor and port congestion will continue to be top issues facing shippers this year, said Jim Pyburn, Director of Business Development, Port Everglades. At TPM 2015, he provides commentary on the year ahead as well as an update on intermodal investments and overall business at the port.
27 Apr 2015
A Teamsters-supported organization that is attempting to organize owner-operator truck drivers in Southern California said Monday a number of drivers were picketing the yards at several trucking companies, as well as marine terminals in Los Angeles-Long Beach.
24 Apr 2015
Encouraged by a ruling late last year that found drivers at a Southern California drayage company were misclassified as independent contractors, a Teamsters-affiliated group is calling for a strike vote on Saturday by drivers throughout the Los Angeles-Long Beach port complex.
23 Apr 2015
Cargo interests had much to complain about at a listening session convened Wednesday by Los Angeles and Long Beach port leaders. They suffered through four punishing months of labor slowdowns at West Coast ports, but their biggest concerns centered on problems that were present even before the coastwide contract negotiations began last May — cost and reliability.
22 Apr 2015
Progress is being made to protect the U.S. maritime industry from cyberattacks that could sabotage a container terminals cranes and allow organized crime to import illegal drugs undetected.
22 Apr 2015
Wilmington port is on track for a record year in container volume, due in part to a slew of new services connecting North Carolina to Asian markets and some diversions from the U.S. West Coast.
21 Apr 2015
One-third of U.S ports need at least $100 million in landside upgrades, both intermodal rail and road connections, to handle projected 2025 freight volumes, according to a report from the American Association of Port Authorities. Where ports will get that money was anyone’s guess at the AAPA’s annual springtime conference in Washington, D.C. Tuesday.