ICTSI Deploys Automated Expertise

ICTSI Deploys Automated Expertise

Jun 5, 2013

International Container Terminal Services, Inc. (ICTSI) has appointed Hamburg Port Consulting (HPC) to deploy its terminal automation expertise in conjunction with a number of projects, including new business opportunities, where the deployment of high end automation is a logical step to raise operational efficiency and lower costs.

HPC is an independent company within the Germany-based Hamburger Hafen und Logistik AG (HHLA) Group.  HPC was intimately involved in the set up of HHLA's Container Terminal Altenwerder in Hamburg, which has set ground breaking standards in the deployment of container terminal automation.  It is also involved in the current upgrade of terminal systems at HHLA's Container Terminal Burchardkai, which promises to further extend automated capability and has deployed its automated expertise on behalf of various clients worldwide. HPC is recognised as a leading force in container terminal automation and green port technological innovation, drawing its expertise from a terminal operating background rather than a theoretical basis.

"We are confident that deployment of HPC expertise in conjunction with nominated projects will assist in delivering the higher performance levels that we seek to achieve. We are independently acknowledged to be in the front rank of delivering terminal efficiency, our goal is to push on from this strong position and deliver a new, higher level of operational excellence to our clients on the waterside and landside," said Christian R. Gonzalez, Head of Asia Operations, ICTSI and Vice President & General Manager, Manila International Container Terminal.

ICTSI is a leading port management company involved in the operations and development of 27 marine terminals and port projects in 19 countries worldwide.  The company was among the first international terminal operators to take its expertise overseas.