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Longshoreman Labor

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As the JOC Group held its 15th Annual TPM Conference in Long Beach, California, this month, it didn’t require any imagination to see the results of nine months of contentious labor negotiations that led to slowdowns and crisis-level congestion at the ports. Even though a tentative contract had finally been reached between the Pacific Maritime Association and the International Longshore and Warehouse Union, the harbor was still dominated by the hulking profiles of dozens of giant freighters stopped cold, parked in place with a whole lot of goods going nowhere.

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HIT terminal in Hong Kong port
24 Apr 2015
External contractors for Hongkong International Terminals have agreed to pay an above-inflation 5.5 percent increase in basic salary for dockworkers in the coming year, averting a threatened strike that would have heaped further misery on the struggling port.
Long Beach dockworkers
22 Apr 2015
Long Beach Mayor Robert Garcia said Wednesday Southern California port and political leaders are continuing a dialogue with the Obama administration to develop a plan that will ensure U.S. commerce will never again be crippled because of problems encountered during labor negotiations.
17 Apr 2015
Nunzio LaGrasso, a former International Longshoremen’s Association official in New Jersey, was sentenced this week to state and federal prison terms for his role in an organized-crime scheme to extort money from union members.
13 Apr 2015
Spot rates and volume from China to the U.S. East Coast continued to rise through March, signs that West Coast congestion is still driving cargo owners to other ports.
08 Apr 2015
Hapag-Lloyd notified its Pacific Northwest customers on Tuesday that it has ended its service to Portland because of “schedule integrity” problems.
05 Apr 2015
Having won overwhelming support from the International Longshore and Warehouse Union caucus for the coastwide contract that was tentatively reached on Feb. 20 with the Pacific Maritime Association, employers and union leaders are stepping up their efforts to eliminate the backlog of vessels and containers that have built up at West Coast ports.
pig carcasses at processing plant
04 Apr 2015
U.S. exports of beef, pork and lamb remained subdued in February due to labor disruptions on the West Coast, the strong dollar and market access barriers overseas.
03 Apr 2015
U.S. West Coast shippers are taking a much-needed sigh of relief after International Longshore and Warehouse Union delegates voted in favor of recommending the tentative five-year agreement with waterfront employers to rank-and-file members.
port activity at Oakland, California, SSA Terminal
01 Apr 2015
There is no more urgent question facing West Coast port directors in the aftermath of the devastating labor standoff than how to restore the trust of beneficial cargo owners. Yet with it being impossible for port directors to guarantee the reliability of the longshore workforce, finding a solution is tricky.
31 Mar 2015
More than five weeks after West Coast longshoremen and waterfront employers reached a tentative contract, the Port of Oakland is still trying to regain the vessel calls it lost.