NYK Line (North America) Inc. to modify Chassis provisions in certain US markets

As previously announced, NYK Line (North America) Inc. has begun the process of no longer providing chassis in certain markets. In continuation of that policy we intend to expand the scope to include the Tacoma/Seattle/Portland market.

The change is designed to build efficiencies while minimizing the environmental impact of having a large number of chassis that are used intermittently and have to be stored and moved. NYK Line believes that this policy change will not only lower total cost but will also build greater flexibility for the trucker, minimizing inefficiencies in the performance of their daily work. In addition, the policy change will have an immediate impact on terminal congestion reducing turn time and ultimately providing a better product for the customer.

Effective July 1, 2012 this policy will extend to the Tacoma/Seattle/Portland market. The timing of further extensions of the policy will be announced as the program evolves.

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