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Booking cancellation fee making comeback, led by Hapag-Lloyd 06 Oct 2016
Bottom for multipurpose vessel rates spotted 28 Mar 2017
Boxes pile up at Santos as dredging woes deepen 05 Jul 2017
Brazil largely unscathed by customs strike, truck delays remain 08 Jun 2017
Brazil port concessions reboot with new president, terms 07 Sep 2016
Brazil poultry shippers in a flap over Itajai port closure 02 Jun 2017
Brazil ready to privatize dredging at three largest ports 21 Oct 2016
Brazil seeks $14B booster for freight infrastructure 09 Mar 2017
Brazil shipping industry joins forces to amend port law 14 Oct 2016
Brazil takes first step toward privatizing port authorities 19 Apr 2017
Brazil to extend length of port concessions 06 Dec 2016
Brazil to launch global trade push starting in Argentina 23 Aug 2016
Brazil's Imbituba set for growth after winning Asia service 28 Jun 2017
Brazil's MRS Logistica overcomes fire for double-digit growth 11 Apr 2017
Brazil's Suape moves forward on new terminal plan 13 Apr 2017
Brazilian beef ban eased as stranded shipments clog Santos 30 Mar 2017
Brazilian box ports battle for fruit exports 09 Nov 2016
Brazilian exports power through tainted meat scandal 24 May 2017
Brazilian port-wide customs strike ends 18 Jan 2017
Brazilian ports dodge strike threat 30 Nov 2016
Brazilian ports hurt by general strike but less than feared 28 Apr 2017
Brazilian ports prep for general strike 27 Apr 2017
Brazilian shoe exports on the march 14 Sep 2016
Breakbulk carriers consolidate in soft market 21 Feb 2017
Breakbulk carriers seek to fill void left by Weco 10 May 2017
Breakbulk, projects keep moving on Gulf 09 Nov 2016
Breaking of new Charleston port crane could cause delays 09 Nov 2016
Breakwater floated as Santos dredging, flooding cure 08 Sep 2016
Brexit forecast to slow UK container trade but not cost direct calls from Asia 25 Jul 2016
BRICS reefer trade poised for growth 19 Oct 2016