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Volatility drives up US dedicated trucking demand 20 Jun 2017
Fitch warns capacity could take wind out of ocean rate uptick 20 Jun 2017
'Unsustainably' low US logistics costs forecast to rise 20 Jun 2017
Report: Canada port privatization wouldn't hurt shippers 20 Jun 2017
LA-LB drayage protest expands to target more motor carriers 20 Jun 2017
Artificial intelligence promises smarter container shipping 20 Jun 2017
Russian shippers reconsider routings amid rising ocean rates 20 Jun 2017
Layoffs the latest escalation of Gothenburg port dispute 20 Jun 2017
Industry skeptical of pace of logistics tech adoption 20 Jun 2017
More Chinese port consolidation on tap for 2017 20 Jun 2017
Maersk sees India container growth accelerating 20 Jun 2017
LA-LB truck picket barely dents cargo flow 19 Jun 2017
ILWU set to vote on contract extension in August 19 Jun 2017
SSA Pacific extends LA reefer breakbulk lease 19 Jun 2017
Hungary trucker Waberer launches Budapest IPO 19 Jun 2017
UPS to slap surcharges on holiday peak shipments 19 Jun 2017
European ports face two-hour dock strike 19 Jun 2017
Coastal India-Bangladesh port network expands 19 Jun 2017
Trans-Pacific discussion group members no longer talk rates 19 Jun 2017
Rickmers appoints equity fund to attract investors 19 Jun 2017
Amid conflict, Qatar carrier beefs up Indian feeder service 19 Jun 2017
Cosco trading halt extended amid asset restructuring 'uncertainties' 19 Jun 2017
Congestion easing at Seattle Terminal 18 17 Jun 2017
California’s climate change priority to challenge its ports 17 Jun 2017
BCOs push for FMC demurrage guidance idles 16 Jun 2017
Free container database growing exponentially 16 Jun 2017
Trans-Pacific spot rates fall again ahead of peak season 16 Jun 2017
Report: Higher rates raising Maersk, Hapag-Lloyd profits 16 Jun 2017
Shippers fret as stevedore price-fixing ruling is overturned 16 Jun 2017
Mergers, mega-ships weigh on port profits 16 Jun 2017