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US West Coast container traffic slipped in 2015 01 Feb 2016
US West Coast congestion ripples through supply chains 09 Feb 2015
US wastepaper exports plummet 20 Aug 2015
US warehouse, logistics sector warned of labor shortage 29 Sep 2015
US truckload carriers lure drivers with new trucks, technologies 14 Jul 2015
US truckload capacity rises to 2008 level, JOC index shows 16 Nov 2015
US trucking regulators seek more 'partners,' fewer opponents in 2016 25 Jan 2016
US trucking industry wins one battle in Congress, loses another 05 Nov 2015
US trucking hiring rate slows as freight demand falters 09 Nov 2015
US trucking firms stop payroll decline, report job gains in April 11 May 2015
US trucking firms finally overtake 2007 employment peak 02 Jul 2015
US trucking employment reverses two-month decline 05 Dec 2015
US trucking employment hits new peak, but hiring slows 05 Sep 2015
US trucking companies keep more drivers, but need more 14 Jul 2015
US truckers scramble for rigs before tax break expires 29 Dec 2015
US trucker turns to guaranteed pay to fight driver shortage 04 Jun 2015
US trucker ODFL, 3PL Mallory Alexander forge ocean-freight alliance 13 Oct 2015
US truck volumes slip 3.1 percent in February due to weather and port disruption 24 Mar 2015
US truck trailer orders points to motor carriers’ capacity discipline 18 Jun 2015
US truck tonnage up 1.1 percent in March, as consumer confidence rises 21 Apr 2015
US truck tonnage rises, but surplus inventories slow demand 23 Jun 2015
US truck tonnage rises 1.2 percent in January, ATA says 24 Feb 2015
US truck tonnage drops as economy stays stubbornly 'soft' 19 May 2015
US truck tonnage 'snaps back' 18 Aug 2015
US truck lessor PacLease opens shop in Australia, targets shipper fleets 14 May 2015
US truck driver turnover, demand, rising, ATA says 13 Oct 2015
US truck driver shortage set to quadruple by 2024, ATA warns 06 Oct 2015
US truck driver shortage getting worse, turnover figures show 01 Apr 2015
US truck driver involved in accident killing six stripped of license 21 Jul 2015
US truck capacity still climbing toward peak, latest data show 06 Jan 2016