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Arrow Trucking CEO sent to prison for fraud, tax evasion 15 Oct 2015
As dedicated trucking demand grows, Marten Transport benefits 20 Jul 2016
As Hong Kong volumes continue dropping, Yantian sees growth 15 Sep 2015
As spot prices drop, shippers look to curb US truck rates 16 Feb 2016
As talks continue, UPS pilots authorize strike 23 Oct 2015
As truck driver turnover rises, so does driver pay 01 Feb 2016
As truckload market tanks, e-commerce powers TransForce 25 Jul 2016
As US inventories build up, freight shipments decline 12 Feb 2016
As volumes rise, ODFL expands terminal network 12 May 2016
ASEAN seeks port productivity improvements 22 Feb 2016
Asia air cargo still waiting for peak season bump 25 Nov 2015
Asia import growth at Jacksonville hinges on fate of TraPac terminal 20 May 2016
Asia Pacific airlines back in black, but no thanks to cargo 23 May 2016
Asia Pacific to lead global growth in 2016, IHS economist says 13 Jan 2016
Asia port alert system expands after Tianjin explosions 17 Sep 2015
Asia's consumers and manufacturing reshaping logistics 29 Apr 2016
Asia-Europe container spot rates jump 11 Dec 2015
Asia-Europe container spot rates near all-time low 04 Mar 2016
Asia-Europe containerized rail traffic falls on Russia weakness 17 Nov 2015
Asia-Europe lines more reliable than trans-Pacific, study shows 10 Nov 2015
Asia-Europe lines to lure shippers with faster transit, fewer ports 06 Jun 2016
Asia-Europe peak season holds little promise for container lines 09 Aug 2016
Asia-Europe rate decline slows to single digits 05 Feb 2016
Asia-Europe rates rise ahead of September GRIs 28 Aug 2015
Asia-Europe rates slide as lines reveal stiff January GRIs 18 Dec 2015
Asia-Europe spot rate decline slows before Aug. 1 GRI 22 Jul 2016
Asia-Europe spot rate rebound short-lived 06 Nov 2015
Asia-Europe spot rate slide speeds up after Chinese New Year 19 Feb 2016
Asia-Europe spot rates close in on record lows 11 Mar 2016
Asia-Europe spot rates dip down below $1,000 per TEU 05 Aug 2016