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US truck regulators propose more driving hours for licensing 04 Mar 2016
US truck orders plunge, driver retention improves on soft freight demand 06 Jul 2016
US truck driver turnover, demand, rising, ATA says 13 Oct 2015
US truck driver shortage set to quadruple by 2024, ATA warns 06 Oct 2015
US truck crash fatalities drop, reversing trend, DOT says 16 Apr 2016
US truck capacity still climbing toward peak, latest data show 06 Jan 2016
US truck capacity rises, JOC index shows 05 Aug 2015
US transport job openings, hiring both rise 28 Aug 2015
US transport job openings shrink 13 Nov 2015
US third-party logistics providers controlling more LTL freight 19 Feb 2016
US surface freight demand climbs, but rates drop 21 Jun 2016
US states likely to foot more for port dredging projects 14 May 2016
US Southeast ports rev up competition for growing auto traffic 24 Aug 2015
US Southeast ports expand inland reach 10 Aug 2015
US shippers warned ‘loose’ truck capacity won’t last 16 Sep 2015
US shippers want existing container weight rules unchanged 14 Mar 2016
US shippers to shift more freight to rails amid pricing and volume softness 01 May 2016
US shippers tap trailers as temporary warehouses 17 Dec 2015
US shippers struggling with converting truck loads to intermodal 17 Sep 2015
US shippers see excess truckload capacity 03 Nov 2015
US shippers face tough road to gain national port productivity metrics 25 Jul 2016
US shippers experience capacity tightening in warehousing, not trucking 16 May 2016
US Senate bill would send more money to ports faster 18 Mar 2016
US Senate bill could boost two Southeast ports’ deepening plans 26 Apr 2016
US scrap metal exports forecast to keep plunging 04 Aug 2015
US rule expands oversight of shippers, transport providers 11 May 2016
US retailers' rising inventories dampen freight growth outlook 15 Jul 2016
US retailers raise peak-season import forecast 09 Sep 2015
US retailers plan to ramp up imports amid uneven volume patterns 07 Jun 2016
US retailers cry foul on Long Beach port free time reductions 11 Jan 2016