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Brazil extends, expands program to lower port equipment costs 12 Oct 2015
Brazil faces dredging drama as political crisis widens 18 Mar 2016
Brazil government working to stop trucker strike 05 Nov 2015
Brazil heralds nearly $2 billion in ag export contracts 16 Sep 2015
Brazil holds poultry export crown despite slumping economy 19 Mar 2016
Brazil meat exporters eye Cuba, Mexico 28 Mar 2016
Brazil political crisis claims port minister 28 Apr 2016
Brazil preps plan on future port development 24 Nov 2015
Brazil president impeachment wouldn’t stop port concessions, analysts say 04 Dec 2015
Brazil rail operator expects container volume to stay strong in 2016 16 Dec 2015
Brazil rail operator hopes to steam through recession to record year 21 Apr 2016
Brazil sells one port concession, aims to sell four more next month 17 Nov 2015
Brazil terminal operators in final stages of SOLAS prep 29 Mar 2016
Brazil trucker strike to intensify as Santos stevedores join in 10 Nov 2015
Brazil undergoes policy shift it hopes will spur port investment 24 Sep 2015
Brazil unveils long-delayed port concessions 17 Jun 2015
Brazil withholds emergency funding for Itajai dredging 01 Dec 2015
Brazil ‘ahead of the game’ as SOLAS deadline nears 17 Feb 2016
Brazil's customs agency strikes 19 Aug 2015
Brazil's footwear firms seek Italian toehold 08 Jun 2015
Brazil's Mercosul re-establishes Argentina link with new service 07 Apr 2016
Brazil's second-largest container terminal set to begin dredging 10 Nov 2015
Brazilian beef exports to Iran forecast to double after ban lifted 31 Aug 2015
Brazilian chicken exporters aim to capitalize on weak Real 19 Feb 2016
Brazilian chicken exporters taking up US slack 17 Jul 2015
Brazilian exporters of fresh beef gain access to US market 07 Jul 2015
Brazilian government set to act on Itajai dredging crisis 25 Oct 2015
Brazilian port concession program moves forward 11 May 2015
Brazilian shippers set to gain via China-backed infrastructure deals 22 May 2015
Brazilian shippers suffer delays after waves close Itajai port 24 May 2015